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​Heat pumps offer an extremely energy efficient approach to heating a property. Their efficiency is measured by a Coefficient of Performance (COP) which indicates how much heat they can create in relation to how much electricity they require to operate. Some heat pumps can achieve a COP of over 5 which means for every 1kW of electricity used to operate, they can create 5kW of heat.

There are a couple of different types of heat pump available to suit different situations, the main ones being Air Source (ASHP) and Ground Source (GSHP). Due to the nature of the UK building stock, ASHP’s are the most common but, for properties in particular situations, we can also offer Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP).

Air Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps
Water Source Heat Pumps

Reasons to install Heat Pumps

  • Extremely efficient heating systems with low running costs
  • Little user maintenance required
  • Fit and forget technology, just like a traditional gas boiler
  • Help insulate you from rising energy costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Only require electricity to run
  • Our MCS accredited systems qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which means you will receive Index Linked, Tax Free, Government Backed payments for the energy you generate
  • RHI tariff payable for 7 years on domestic systems and 20 years on commercial

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​The original Ochsner company was founded in 1872 and are our heat pump manufacturer of choice. Based in Austria, they are internationally ranked as one of the technology leaders in the industry and produce some of the most sophisticated, silent and energy efficient heat pumps on the market.

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Do I need planning permission?
Installations are usually covered by permitted development rights meaning planning permission is normally only required for listed buildings or properties located in conservation areas and National Parks etc. It is always advisable to contact your Local Authority prior to installing a system.

How much maintenance is required?
Heat pumps require very little maintenance. Usually an annual service by a qualified engineer is all that’s required.

Are they noisy?
There is some noise associated with the fan on a heat pump but it is relatively low, around the same level of volume as a fridge. The noise level is identified during the design stage, so that the heat pump can be positioned accordingly so that it does not cause a nuisance to either yourself or your neighbours.

Is my property suitable?
A well-insulated property is usually required for a heat pump to work at it's optimum efficiency. Most buildings have sufficient space outside to locate an air source heat pump but ground source and water source require additional space.

What is the RHI?
The Renewable Heat Incentive (or RHI for short) is a government backed scheme aimed at encouraging the installation of renewable heating systems by paying an attractive financial sum to the owner over a number of years.

Do they work in cold weather?
Simply put, yes. A correctly sized system will keep you warm all year long. Heat pumps have been used in Europe for decades. The standard outside design temperature used in Austria is -14C compared to the UK average of -4C.

Do I need a backup/supplementary system?
No. A correctly designed system will meet all of your heating requirements.